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About Us

The main objective at Mi Clase is to provide the best learning experience.  

Mi Clase believes that learning is a process where each child learns in his or her own way because each child is unique. We will strive in every lesson to make sure each student will do the best they can by guiding them in the beautiful journey of learning Spanish.  Children learn by exploring their environment; by playing alone or interacting with other children and/or teachers; and by participating in the activities guided by a teacher and their peers.

The more senses children use when they learn, the better they will remember, that is why the Mi Clase program will be focused on learning with music, movements, visualization, hands-on projects and most importantly the students will be having fun. In order to help children develop their skills they will learn naturally by playing, listening to stories, role playing and creating. 


The Spanish language skills that children acquire, will allow for greater academic options and improve their social skills in their future. Spanish is one of the world`s most spoken language. 


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